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About Caleb Perkins Ministries

Caleb Perkins is passionate about building up the Kingdom of God and empowering the body of Christ. Being saved from his youth, he knew there was a calling on his life. He served in the military for 9 years and God miraculously save his life multiple times. For the past 6 years, Caleb has preached the Gospel all over the globe, encouraging the people to go deeper in their personal relationship with God. He has especially focused on persecuted churches and has ministered in areas the gospel is forbidden.
Caleb and his wife, Abby, have one daughter, Ariela, that often travel with him.

Caleb has a passion to see lives changed through the love of God. His mission comes from Matthew 10:8 "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons..."

It is a simple Gospel - 
Jesus Christ was born of a virgin,
lived a sin-free life,
died on a sinner's cross,
and rose again!
The same Spirit that rose Christ
now lives within us!


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